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Parents caring for a child unexpectedly admitted to the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) or Paediatric Department do not have the time nor energy to ensure their own needs are met.

We create and donate Parent Comfort Kits containing toiletries and personal care items to hospitals across Canada in order to support self-care and wellness for parents going through an emotionally difficult time. 

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TakeCare Parent Comfort Kits are designed to eliminate some of the worries associated with the logistics of an unexpected hospital stay whilst allowing parents to remain by their child's bedside.

Our goal is to help them take care of their needs so they can in turn care for their child.

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"@TakeCare_kits @NYGH_News We rec'd 1 of ur kits - SO GREAT while our baby was in hospital and we didn't want to leave his side. THANK YOU!!"

"The bag was so helpful!  We didn’t bring anything with us because we came to Emerg and got admitted in the middle of the night. Not having to worry about buying all those things really helped."

"I really appreciated getting the package. What an amazing program! Thank you for thinking of us at a time when we weren’t thinking about anything but our sick child."

"We came so unprepared. This package helped to make us more comfortable while at KGH.  Thank you!"

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